Jess Butler was so easy to work with and the results were amazingly fast. You can tell right from the start that Jess knows what he’s doing and he genuinely cares for the dogs. His approach is simple and logical, and if you, the owner, can be trained to understand how dogs think and behave, his methods work really well.
~ D. Dawson

As much as you try, you cannot love your dog into a happy, well-balanced life. As humans, we tend to believe that if we give them as much affection as possible, they will in turn, be happy and be a good dog. In truth, there needs to be an understanding between you and your dog as to who is in charge. Dogs can’t think like people and people can’t think like dogs. People can, however, know how dogs think. Putting yourself in their shoes, if you will, instead of trying to put them in yours, will provide you with much more insight into how to get your dog to be a happy, well mannered dog.

Obedience is the key to communication between you and your dog. It also lays down the foundation on which to build the understanding of what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior. Dogs function much more naturally in a structured environment. Their instinct is to either lead or follow and if you don’t lead, they will. I think we have all seen situations where the dog runs the show…it’s not pretty. The owner ends up changing their life around to accommodate the dog’s will, many times without even knowing it. Ask those around the owner, they all know it!

Your dog wants to be your friend and companion. It also doesn’t mind being your snugglebuddy or listening ear. This is a creature that has happily given up living with it’s own kind to live with you. Keep in mind that you have your family, friends and work. All your dog has is you. Never forget it! With a little time, persistence and patience you can have a wonderful, loving and fulfilling lifetime with your dog. It all begins with obedience.

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