Correcting K9s Testimonials

“It was amazing to watch Jess with our dogs. He taught us so much and just a few days later there is a huge difference in our dog. She is happier and we are happier, and we get to keep her. Thank you so much Jess!”

“After research, I was given Jess’ name. Within a few minutes of his arrival, the dog was already beginning to calm down. He did a complete evaluation and before leaving … the dog was SITTING! I was amazed! He was professional, firm yet gentle, and I would recommend him to anyone.”

“Jess came highly recommended by our neighbor after discussing our recent experience with obedience training at PetSmart. After the first ten minutes with our 8 month old golden retriever, we could see the experience he had. He is very calm and has the ability to “read” what the dogs are thinking. Our family is very pleased with the results!”

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“Jess is the BEST decision we ever made for Buster. f you ever need a dog trainer, we HIGHLY recommend Jess. He is good at what he does & he loves what he does!”

“Our 3 yr old rescue Rottweiler had social issues. Jess amazed me with how fast he was able to gain her trust. She is a different dog these days, I truly don’t know what we would have done without you!”

“Everything Jess suggested is working great! I’m beyond pleased with his progress. Anyone that needs a great trainer get a hold of Jess Butler , you won’t be sorry. His training techniques work so well!”

“Thank you Jess for your insight, your patience and your love of dogs! If not for you, Louie may very well have had to back to waiting for someone to rescue him. Your kindness and ability to help we “humans” learn what we need to learn is outstanding.”

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Correcting K9s Testimonials
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